Red skull tattoo on arm picture

Red skull tattoo on arm pictureRed skull tattoo on arm picture

While the skull has been tattooed on the human body for centuries, most people are not sure why it has always been one of the main choices when it comes to tattoo design. Let's explore some of the most common meanings behind this symbol.

Death. This is probably the most obvious connection with the skull. When one sees a skull the first thought is that of the dead and dying. The skull tattoo design can mean mortality. In this context one can symbolize the fact that none of us "are going to get out of here alive". It could also mean immortality. The challenge to beat mortality, to live forever, look death in the face and walk away. Either way, the tattoo design suggests strength against the oppressor and a display of ones feelings towards death. The Nazi's used the skull on their hats and badges as a symbol to fear death. Bikers often use the skull tattoo design to symbolize cheating death.